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Next Gen Science

Template for Lessons

Look fors in an NGSS articulated lesson:

  • Inquiry-based instruction engages students
  • Hands-on science materials are used by the students
  • Phenomena is incorporated into the lesson
  • Notebooking or lab books are used authentically
  • Students work collaboratively

o   Students are talking to one another … constantly

o   The teacher has a facilitator role (and has much lower talk time than students)

  • Focus questions are used to guide the “flow” of instruction
  • Lessons follow a progression of learning
  • Lessons integrate mathematics and reading

o   Meaningful readings are generally provided after exposure to phenomena

o   Students use math in a meaningful context as a tool to support their ideas, expose patterns, etc

  • Students draft models of their thinking
  • Students collect and use evidence from their learning to support their ideas
  • Students communicate /share results

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